ActivePure® is one of the most powerful and innovative sanitizing technology ever developed ActivePure® is based on technology created by NASA in the 90’s for the Space Shuttle. The improvements in technology have increased efficacy without the need to use ozone. Due to its advancememts, ActivePure® has been declared “Certified Space Technology” and is one of only 75 technologies that have been inducted into the Space Technology “Hall of Fame” in the past 30 years.

ActivePure®is a proactive continuous non-toxic decontamination system of the air and surfaces. In internal environments this produces a non-invasive and chemical-free treatement which reduces up to 99.9% of pathogens. The result is a clean and healthy environment 24/7 .

Drawing upon active processes found in nature, ActivePure® Proactive Pathogen Defenseis the only non-toxic, FDA-cleared system that cleans the air continuously and is safe for people and house pets to breathe.
Proactive Pathogen Defense has been instantly adopted by hospitals for use in operating and acute care rooms.


ActivePure® Technology

Based on a NASAproject for use on space shuttles and orbiting stations, ActivePure® technology naturally reacts with the molecules in the air, actively decontaminating it. Laboratory tests have shown its effectiveness against viruses, bacteria, molds, odors and organic compounds.

Effective against COVID-19

ActivePure® technology has been tested against Sars-COV2 by the independent MRIGLOBAL laboratory compliant with the Food and Drug Administration. Results showed within 3 minutes, ActivePure® destroyed 99.9% of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the air and on the surfaces.

No chemicals

ActivePure® technology does not use chemicals, does not generate ozone residues and sanitizes the air and surfaces by diffusing minimum quantities of H2O2 well below the standards set by law.

Usable in presence of people and pets

The sanitizing plasma generated by our devices reproduces processes present in nature and is therefore totally safe to breathe 24 hours a day by people and pets and does not damage objects, not even the most sensitive electronic equipment.

Cost Effective

ActivePure® devices have extremely low power consumption and require very little maintenance, allowing, over time, considerable economic savings compared to traditional sanitization systems.

ActivePure® Radiant Catalytic Ionization Technology

ActivePure® technology is based on a multi-metal alloy of molecular materials which exploit the principle whereby specific substances react when radiated by luminous sources (ionizing heterogeneous photocatalysis reaction).

ActivePure® technology devices collect the oxygen and water molecules in the air by means of a honeycomb matrix.

This triggers a natural process which generates oxidizing plasma capable of eliminating more than 99% of viruses (including Coronaviruses), bacteria (including bacteria resistant to antibiotics), moulds, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), smells and microorganisms in the air and on surfaces.

The stages of sanitization

ActivePure® exploits the natural ability of the heterogeneous photocatalysis to spread in the environment hydroxyl molecules generating safe and controlled quantities of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a well-known natural sanitizer and with a scientifically proven ability to destroy pathogens, pollutants and contaminants (microorganism, germs, etc.).
Hydrogen peroxide generated from sanitizing plasma has shown the powerful ability to destroy glycoproteins forming Corona-virus spikes making the virus in actual fact inactive and unable to infect human cells.

  1. The microscopic molecules of oxygen and water in the air enter the sanitization units and pass through the ActivePure® honeycomb matrix.
  1. While inside the matrix, the molecules are transformed in oxidizing substances harmless to humans but extremely powerful against contaminant elements.
  1. When released again in the air, ActivePure® supercharged molecules intercept and rapidly destroy pathogens and polluting substances.

ActivePure destroys up to 99% of the sars-cov-2 virus

Testing was done with Hydroxyl Blaster, a device powered by ActivePure® technology, at MRIGlobal, an independent FDA-Compliant laboratory.

he reduction percentages were measured incrementally over natural degradation of SARS-CoV-2. The test has registered over 99.9% reduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Results show that after just 3 hours from activation, the ActivePure® sanitizing plasma had already saturated the air reducing 93.27% of surface SARS-CoV-2, and 99.98% reduction after 7 hours After 7 hours from activation, almost all of the SARS-CoV-2 viruses were eliminated as soon as they came into contact with the sanitized air.

Effects on virus and bacteria

The natural sanitizing plasma produced by ActivePure® technology is one of the strongest scientifically known and proven oxidizing agents; it has disinfectant capacities greater than chlorine (3 times) and ozone (1.5 times) and ionization (2.5 times) .

The plasma attacks the microorganism from the outside, initially oxidizing the outer membrane, the peptidoglycan and the plasma and cytoplasmic membrane of the cell (especially by lipid peroxidation), and then destroying its nucleic acids and proteins (deactivation of enzymes). The combined effect of various oxidizing elements (which include hydroxyl radicals, superoxide anions and H2O2 produced by photo-generated superoxide anions) explains bacterial inactivation.

Enveloped viruses are generally susceptible to photo inactivation, unlike viruses without an envelope: this indicates that it is the viral envelope, rather than nucleic acids, that is the target of photosensitization. The viruses are consequently inactivated since the sanitizing plasma acts on the glycoproteins forming the pleplometers, without causing unacceptable damage to the host cells.

ActivePure Technology vs Competitors

Feature ActivePure Ionization Shielded UVC Unshielded UVC PCO
HEPA ESP Activated Carbon Ozone
Quickly destroys airborne viruses, bacteria, molds
Works safely in occupied rooms SOME SOME
Works immediately and does not require capture or exposure time
Dangerous, legally restricted, or can cause collateral damage
Quickly reduces recontamination
Removes VOCs SOME
Reduces PM 2.5 Particles or Smaller SOME
Can negatively impede an HVAC system
Requires frequent cleaning or replacement
Product is safe to clean SOME SOME
Certified Space Technology, Recognized in the Space Technology Hall of Fame

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